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3 definitions by Jon (943)

The amount of alcohol any drunk driver will tell the police officer he/she has had, in response to the question "Have you been drinking tonight?"
The cop asked Jack how much he had to drink and he said "Two beers ocifer."
by Jon (943) July 10, 2008
25 4
When it is so hot outside that a man's pants become a boiling pot for his nuts.
It's so hot outside that Jack says his nuts are doin' a lil crotch pot cookin'!
by Jon (943) July 10, 2008
4 0
A person that has the common sense of a garden slug, compared to the poor child on the short bus that has no control over the fact he/she licks the windows.
Jack is a total window licking retard. He got caught screwing some bitch, by his wife, in their bed!
by Jon (943) July 10, 2008
13 9