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The poofy lap-pouch that naturally protrudes from the crotch area of one's dress pants while in the sitting position.
Jon looked like he was pitching a tent in his pants, but it was just his billowing cincinnati parachute.
by Jon, Chris, and Adam February 23, 2006
To 'dick' somebody over by telling them you will do something, but then trying to find lame excuses so that you don't have to.
Richard said he was going to come watch the basketball game with us, but then he gave us the dickpan and told us he had to eat alone and didn't want to bother with parking.
by Jon, Chris, and Adam February 23, 2006
Designated Pussy Licker
"Your taxi driver doesn't want to be your designated driver, he wasn't to be your DPL."
by Jon, Chris, and Adam February 17, 2006
To dip a rubber band into hot chocolate and then flick the rubber band at a co-worker
During our daily rubber band war, Adam decided to use the good 'ol Dip and Flick on me. No worries though, I retaliated by shooting a rubber band at his Cincinnati Parachute
by Jon, Chris, and Adam February 27, 2006
When somebody who is insecure with their masculinity gets hit in the kneecap.
Jim was bored while waiting in a long line for food, so he decided to give Albert a brokeback kneecap.
by Jon, Chris, and Adam February 23, 2006

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