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Also known as "doing your mom syndrome", this is a disease in which a person, mainly one who watches =3 on youtube, responds to any disagreement with "your mom", "that's what your mom said last night", or any variation of the two. There is no known cure.
"whoa, what is that thing!" "that's what your mom said." "really?" "sorry, it's my dym syndrome acting up."
by Jomajorsh February 08, 2010
A sexual move in which a woman grabs a man's penis during sex, and quickly bends it until it pretty much snaps. This usually happens when the woman finds out about the man cheating, and decides to get revenge.
"Have you seen Bob?" "He's in the hospital." "What!, what happened?" "On Saturday, Linda gave him a sneaky snapple." "Oh my God!" "I know, he'll never be the same."
by Jomajorsh February 08, 2010
Vicepering is when two best friends(mainly girls) "flirt" with one another. It is more common in middle schools and high schools. This is usually not taken seriously, and is mainly just for fun. WARNING! May confuse guys and a few other girls.
Two girls: " you're so hot" "you sexy beast" "let's make babies" guys close by: "what are they talking about?" "oh, they're just vicepering."
by Jomajorsh February 08, 2010
A form of flirting that is used as a joke. Pseudoflirting is usually aimed at fat people, getting their hopes up, and then laughing at them. Another similar form of "flirting" is two best friends(mainly girls) flirting with eachother(see yicepering)
Fat guy thinking: " whoa, is that pretty girl coming my way?" "You're ho-" " stop right there, I'm tired of your pseudoflirting, now just go."
by Jomajorsh February 08, 2010
A red haired person. Gingers do not have souls, and have numerous amounts of freckles. On rare occasions, usually a full moon, gingers can actually grant wishes. The only gingers known to have souls are hot ginger girls, that is the only exception.
"Did the room just get colder?" "No, that ginger kid just walked into the room." "Oh, that explains it."
by Jomajorsh February 08, 2010

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