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1)Feeling horny and the intention to seduce many females/males when already in a relationship.
2)Having thoughts of a playboy.
3)Addiction of needing a sexual partner.
Oh my gosh! I guess im having igi-ness!

Dude, you already got more than one chicks, stop the igi-ness.

Wow! I need more than one chick, dude!
Im really having the igi-ness fever!
by Jolie-san September 08, 2008
1)Someone who is not very good-looking and managed to get all the chicks.
2)Someone who is bald.
3)Someone worst than a retarded person.
Jack, stop being an igi!

Tim, for you looks, you managed to get all the hot chicks, what an igi.

Look at that igi over that corner.
by Jolie-san September 08, 2008
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