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The rotted remnants of seman left behind after gay anal sex.
Dont get that Nielson on you. You'll never get the smell out.
by Johny Hopkins January 30, 2009
when your shit is so explosive that it paints the entire inside of the toilet brown.
"Damn it grandma, make sure you flush twice when you picasso"
by Johny Hopkins January 11, 2010
A small asian man boy who gets a mani/pedi while wearing girl pants and getting his eyebrows waxed.
"that man is disgustingly metro, you might even say he's a kong"
by Johny Hopkins January 11, 2010
The ridiculous diarrea you get after eating cheap mexican food.
"those back alley tacos gave me horrible nunez"
by Johny Hopkins January 11, 2010

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