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2 definitions by Johnnybad

The Lithuanian Love Puddle is where you have sex with a woman and she leaves a really big wet patch, like bigger than normal. It's called 'Lithuanian' because women from that region love sex, any way, anytime, in any hole and usually leave a massive wet patch behind!
Sammy, I took that girl I met back to my place last night and I ended up giving her the love thrust whilst she was sitting on my kitchen bench. Anyway the next morning I got up and she had left a "Lithuanian Love Puddle" all over the kitchen floor. Lucky I cleaned it up before the dog did hey!
by johnnybad October 27, 2013
To put cocaine onto a girls bum-hole and sniff it off.
Mate, last night I paid that prostitute 100 dollars, took her back to my place and did the columbian comakazi all night long!!!! 'whats the columbian comakazi?' mate you rack a line of coke on a girls asshole and sniff it off - you need to keep up with the REAL!
by Johnnybad December 23, 2011