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The act of sticking your face between a pair of butt cheeks and shaking your head violently while making noices that resemble a moter boat.
Orlando Bloom was a sexy elf, I would love to watch a documentary about ants with him and then give him a dirty motorboat after we eat eggplant salad.
by Johnny UCF August 31, 2010
When two males sit on opposite couches and masturbate shooting their hot loads on each other.
I love watching rick sanchez with my male cheerleader friend and having artillery battles...mmmm satisfying.
by Johnny UCF September 01, 2010
When two males jerk off in a pool and take turns shooting their loads on each other.
It was 98 degrees out today, so me and Austin went to the pool and had a naval battle.
by Johnny UCF August 31, 2010
Having a person shit on the tip of a dick and then lick it off, like someone would do to a piece of yan yan candy.
I went to japan and saw lots of young girls who were eating yan yan. I paid one 5 yen to give me a chocolate yan yan. I was amazed when she unzipped my pants and took a dump on my cock and then licked it off. Now that was a good day substituting at the japanese elementary school.
by Johnny UCF August 31, 2010

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