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Master of the Pig-skin. Suck on that Peyton.
Dan Marino threw downfield. Pass Complete. Touchdown.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 19, 2005
Formerly Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, successor of John Paul II. So far he hasn't done much; but that's why he as chosen. The Conclave didn't want another long papacy. (It should be noted that he entered the Hitler youth when membership was complusory. He didn't have a choice in the matter.)
Pope Benedict XVI wears a funny hat.
by Johnny Pseudonym August 02, 2005
A baseball hat with a mesh backing, the quintessential accessory of scumbag-chic fashion. It's one of the many Paradoxes of American School-age Culture: Rich kids paying out the ass to look like the kids they make fun of.
John Q. Public dumped a pail of garbage on John Doe's head, stating he only wanted to make the financially-disproportionated youth feel at home. He then placed a filthy Von Dutch Trucker hat on his head and heading home to smoke some butts and play Xbox.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 05, 2006
The lowest echelon of the law-enforcement heiarchy in most countries. They recieve little respect, mainly because most people refuse to accept responsibility for actions they know to be illegal.
The Police didn't make you smoke that crack. But they did bust your apathetic ass for it.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 19, 2005
Old Pennsylvanianish term refering to a Submarine Sandwich.
Gimme' a Italian Hoagie to go...
by Johnny Pseudonym January 25, 2005
A horrible time. I was told hotdogs were on the menu, yet when I arrived, there was only sauerkraut. Sick bastard.
My dinner with satan was terrible.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 21, 2005
Prince of the Heavenly Host.
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle...and give Bob a good ass kickin'.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 21, 2005

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