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A person who on the outside appears normal and acts normal. But in secret is a class A (Heroin / Crack / Meth etc) drug addict. The phrase comes from the R. Whites Lemonade television advertisment song of the 1970s / 80s as seen on British Television. In the advert a man is seen creeping downstairs at night in his pyjamas to drink lemonade from the fridge. Surprisingly there are quite a lot of Secret Lemonade Drinkers who are pillars of the community and occupy respectable professions - Doctors, Solicitors, Judges, Police Inspectors etc.
Yeah, did you hear about whats-his-name, apparently he is a "Secret Lemonade Drinker"! You wouldnt believe it of a vicar would you?
by Johnny Parrish August 19, 2011
A heroin or crack / meth addict who only buys drugs on the day they receive their giro (benefits payment / welfare check). They differ from other drug addicts who will go to any lengths to get a daily fix as they tend to only use on their payday, so they are also known by their peers as 'King For A Day' as they usually blow 2 weeks money in one day and then end up skint til their next pay day.
That guy is just a "Giro Junkie" - he only scores on payday cos he hasnt got the balls to go out thieving to pay for a proper habit! Ha ha ha!!!
by Johnny Parrish August 19, 2011
A rowdy male who is game for anything
The drinking hole was full of yahoodies out to cause trouble just for the fun of it!
by Johnny Parrish January 17, 2009

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