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This is when a man shoves his entire package, balls and all, into a woman's mouth without warning.
A girl's gotta have a big mouth, a good gag reflex, and be hungry to withstand the Sicilian Feast.
by Johnny Ock September 30, 2006
This is when a man has his dick in a woman's mouth and then pulls up his ball sack over one of her eyes. Easier done when she is lying down and is approached from the side of her face.
For a second there, she actually thought she went blind in one eye when she got the Greek Eye Patch.
by Johnny Ock September 30, 2006
The act of getting to scared, that one's dick goes back into the body, the way a turtle's head hides in it's shell.
That turtle-dick ran so fast when he saw Big Rick across the street! He almost got a beat-down!
by Johnny Ock August 13, 2008
This is when you stand someone upside down on their head and shoulders right before they have to shit, urinate in their butthole, then kick them in the stomach so hard that they shit with a volcanic-like explosion.
That jerk learned who was boss after I kicked the shit out of him and he tasted his own Muddy Volcano.
by Johnny OCK October 20, 2006

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