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DOC is an abbreviation for "Drug of choice."
On the street:

"What's your DOC?"
"How much you want?"
by Johnny Haze May 13, 2007
An intern hired for sexual reasons.

Originally coined by Stephen Colbert on June 19, 2008
"Monica Lewinski is the quintessential fucktern."
by Johnny Haze June 18, 2008
You've been warned.

Popularized on Twitter by Charlie Sheen on March 8, 2011.
#Fastball; The Warlock is hungry. Hungry for corporate flesh. Live tonite - 7p PST. "Building the perfect torpedo" my manifesto @ustream ybw
by Johnny Haze March 21, 2011
A vegan who thinks that any other lifestyle choice besides veganism is wrong; one who similarly pushes veganism on others, often in a proselytizing way.
"I’m not a vegangelical," Dynise said. “John’s an adult and I respect his choices to eat meat, just as he respects mine.”
by johnny haze February 13, 2008
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