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2 definitions by Johnny Gobs

An expression used to denote utter surprise, horror and confusion; used in "Return of the Living Dead" when two paramedics encounter a horde of ravenous undead zombies on the hunt for brains.

Can also be used to denote complete disgust with a person or situation.
"Do you hear that?"

(looks down the road at undead hordes of brain eating zombies)

"Christ Jesus!"


Man1 : "Did you flush the toilet after you dropped that monster dook?"

Man2: "Nope."

Man1: "Christ Jesus. You are disgusting."
by Johnny Gobs June 30, 2010
Pronounced "fruhmst."

1. Informal contraction of 'from which' 'from where.'

2.Formally used to connote the passage of time.
Usage 1: I placed the carton of eggs on the shelf in the fridge fromst I took it.

"Fromst case did you get your beer?"

Usage 2: They went about their daily lives fromst childhood to adulthood.
by Johnny Gobs August 30, 2010