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2 definitions by Johnny Gameshow

Stank Bush, but slurred when spoken so people who don't speak arabic can't comprehend what you're saying. (Pronounced Kharaznadge).
Amer - So, did you hook up with that jewish girl last night?
Ahmed - I tried to dude, but she totally had Khara Snatch.
Amer's White Girlfriend - What did you say?
Ahmed - Kharznadge, it's arabic for she's a virgin.
by Johnny Gameshow April 08, 2008
And adjective term to describe beat up, broke ass, dirty, makeshift clothing, furniture and appliances. Not necessarily a compliment.
Man, those shoes are totally punk rock, you must shop at Ross Dress for Less.

I like how you duct taped that hole in your ceiling to fix it from leaking, that's pretty punk rock.
by Johnny Gameshow April 08, 2008