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3 definitions by Johnny Cumm

To cover a person with multiple loads of hot sperm, all over their body. See also bukkake and facial.
Betsy loved cum so much that she invited the football team over, sucked and fucked them until they gave her a cum bath; they took pictures.
by Johnny Cumm May 25, 2005
449 143
When, after anal sex, you pull out your cock, and some dark-stained cum dribbles out as the ass slams shut. Also can happen with an after-butt-fucking fart..
Damn! You should see the cum poo that flew out of Ginger after that royal ass-fucking I gave her.
by Johnny Cumm May 25, 2005
43 26
This is actually an acronym, standing for "Situation Normal, All Fouled (or Fucked) Up". Comes from World War I or WWII army guys.
Damn, this Jeep's engine is all snafu'd. This war is a snafu.
by Johnny Cumm May 25, 2005
14 6