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3 definitions by Johnny Cumlately

When having anal relations and the penetrating penis is so small it causes more of a stinging sensation, like that of a biting ant, rather than full on penetration satisfaction.
Woman: I had a bugger ant last night.
by Johnny Cumlately August 07, 2006
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A flash chap who gets gash on tap.
(Taken from the term Flash Harry meaning someone who is a bit flash)
Man 1: Wow, he's good with the ladies.
Man 2: Yeah, he's a bit of a Gash Harry.
by Johnny Cumlately August 07, 2006
4 1
When two participate in either anal sex or doggy style and the pubic hair of the one performing the penetration rubs against the anal region of the one recieving the penetration.
Woman: your pubes are like moss.
Man: It'll be anal moss in a minute
by Johnny Cumlately August 07, 2006
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