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motta 1) A person who excessivly drinks coffee and other caffinated drinks to mix the taste with cigarettes, often resulting in violent shaking.
motta 2) A suburb residing hitman/woman who mercilessly disposes of human being for their clientel. It's rumored you never see or hear them coming.
motta 3) Derived from the 1500's Spanish word "armada," meaning, "fleet of warships," Urban ethinic groups use it to describe their "gang," or "homies."
1)Due to motta's habits, they tend to have terrible breath.
2) "Hey! Johnny, it's Tony, hey listen, how much did you pay for that motta last January? I kinda know someone I want wiped off the face of the Earth, call me back when you get this alright?
3)"Pshhhh. Shit. ***** said he got boys, boys kid. ***** don' know I got the whole motta on speedial, one through nine, shiiiiit, and if that ***** don' wanna throw hands, we'll dance fight him and his crew. Shiiiit."
by Johnny Crotchrocket January 13, 2008

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