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the noun form of 'duh'. It also can take the place of 'duh' in some situations.
That guy is such a durhay!
by Johnny boy September 04, 2003
its like another way to called someone stupid or an idiot in a friendly way
Shelly, you're such a durhay.
by Johnny Boy August 25, 2004
Arrogant flyboys who think they are better than every other branch of the military. What they don't realize is that their jobs can be done by the Navy and Army. Compensates for this by saying they have the ability to launch nuclear weapons. Often forget that the Navy has the most survivable leg of the nuclear triad. Never recognized by anyone in the real miltary, and wears the worst uniforms out of all the branches. Only has best looking girls in the DoD because they cannot get civilian girls to give them the time of day. Also passed on making Top Gun.
For the past two years Air Force has not been able to keep Navy from "stealing" the Commander in Chief's trophy. This might be a result of the DoD investigation into the reports of them lowering their standards to let in otherwise unqualified players.
by johnny boy March 24, 2005
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