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When a male is in the middle of a threeway and double penetration is involved he may call "shotgun anus", giving him the right to stuff the girl's pooper with his fat choad. The first person to call "shotgun anus" has dibs on the chick's crap factory. See choad, and/or calling shotgun for further reference.
Shall we double take that chick? Oh sweet......SHOTGUN ANUS!!
by Johnny Albright March 01, 2005
A dude is getting some hummer action from a chick, and he decides to blow his load into her mouth without her knowing when. When he shoots his seed into her mouth and down her throat he also gives her a swift punch to the neck. This swift punch causes her to cough/gag on the jizzbomb, the cough/gag in turn forces the cumbubble up her nasal pasage and out her nose. The final effect of this devastating move looks like a fire breathing dragon, that is if fire was indeed a guys hot spermatoza.
That fucking slut cheated on me so i gave her the fire breathing dragon while she was all over my choad.
by Johnny Albright March 23, 2005
The "Chicken Sandwich" is when two great things meet eachother at the peak of mental and physical pleasure. A man is bending a supremely gorgeous woman, doggystyle of course, and he realizes that he is hungry. This is where the chicken sandwich comes into play. While holding the chick's ass in one hand the man simultaneously eats the chicken sandwich with his right hand, thus bringing together two joys that every man craves.
"Dude, last night I went to Wendy's and i ended up chicken sandwiching the hell out of this tight asian chick."
by Johnny Albright March 04, 2005

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