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Wigan-ese for when your naked nipple rubs on your shirt all day long until tenderness turns into throbbingess and a kind of paper cut like irritation is achieved (like someone's just ran a sheet of A4 across your nip really quickly and you're not sure if its bleeding or not and it's inconvenient to stop and take a look coz youre at Alton Towers or something).. We also believe it affects women although they will never openly admit to it like men do.
Johnny sez to his mate Paddy "christ man, I've got a reet Keff Nip I have". His mate understandingly nods.

by Johnny 5 is Alive May 08, 2008
Wigan-ese The thin strip of skin that is on the underside of your knob.
It is impossible to crack one off with nowt but a Freemans mail order catalogue, I nearly snapped me bungee string it took so long, said P Diddy
by Johnny 5 is Alive May 08, 2008
Wigan-ese Describing the inch or so of seperation between your scrotius (or fadge) to your arsehole...
Running out of smart comebacks, Johnny says to his sniggering mates, "kiss me Butfur you twats"
by Johnny 5 is Alive May 08, 2008
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