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Another one of the Green's brothers attempt at being anything but pathetic. This term signifies the total "suck" of the world. They have a site in which you donate money to "decrease world suck". Which means you can't prove how they use it and it most likely will never decrease anything bad in this world so you are just giving money to two douche bags who try too hard to be cool. One by leeching off of his brother's influence in young little girls with daddy issues who think John Green is God because he writes about BJs and that is just "so cool!"
John: Donate money to my WorldSuck organization so that world suck can be decreased! Don't mind the lack of evidence of what I'm doing with the money you rightfully earned! I'm a bestseller, trust me.
Hank: Isn't that the scam-
John Green pounces on his brother and shuts him up
by JohnGreensuckscock April 26, 2013
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