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1: God like being with wicked awesome powers.
2: Person engulfed by wicked awesome powers and the ability to stun.
That is one mighty fine Orko!
by John Williams December 05, 2003
Pertaining to one who is a desired spooning partner.
John Williams considers Annie Ensign eminently spoonable.
by John Williams December 28, 2004
1) A very well endowed male.
2) Pimp
Check out those hotties hitting on that guy! He's a total Speir!
by John Williams January 22, 2004

fo shizzle my nizzle= fo sho my buddy/friend.
by John williams April 02, 2003
Refrain given by nigga's in response to "sup".

Meant to imply that their lives are difficult.
Person #1: "Sup nigga."
Person #2: "We livin'."
by John Williams March 12, 2004

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