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A junglist is someone who has a deep passion for drum n bass and jungle music. I have read definitions on here saying a junglist is just someone who listens to drum n bass. I'll tell you this now... that's not the reality. A junglist is someone who not only listens to drum n bass, but has jungle music flowing through their mind, body and soul. I started going raving when I was 15... I'm now 21. A junglist is someone who has a deep love for drum n bass and cares about the music. Like MC Shabba says "I don't care what your name is, I don't care about your age"- You get the picture, anyone can be a junglist as long as they love the music. Junglists are badman, superstar, dress like a king, stand out in a the crowd like a diamond ring... hahaha just fucking about but on a serious note anyone who has a deep and I meen deep passion for jungle DnB has the right to call themself a junglist. I am one. Boh
Junglist-MC Shabba D, Shockin B, MC Det, Dillinja, Skibadee, Shy FX, DJ Brockie
by John from laandaan July 10, 2008

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