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2 definitions by John and Susan

An often over-painted but nonetheless glamourous and sexy female cabin crew member on a commercial airline, so-called because they offer drinks and other refreshments from a trolley pushed down the centre aisle. Once, it was acceptable to also pinch or grope them as they passed with their trolleys but alas, no longer. Now they must use more complicated methods of picking up men that they fancy.

Otherwise known as "tarts with carts" or "flying mattresses ". Were known once for offering "coffee, tea or me".
"But mammy, I've always wanted to be a trolley dolly!" "But you'll be nothing but a flying mattress!"....
by John and Susan March 20, 2006
In posh areas of Dublin, certain girls are known to perform oral sex on a chosen partner, following which they will hold the said partners semen in their mouth until a suitably ugly and undesirable victim is found. He is then duped into thinking that it his lucky night, and she then kisses him filling his mouth with said former partner's sperm resulting in extreme humiliation and shame.

One of the main reasons why Northsiders hate Southside arsehole geebags.
"I am so totally going to give Greg a blow-job and then like, oh my God, I will be totally snowblowing that nerdy guy over there who can't even afford Praha shoes, like he is such an ugly Northsider..."
by John and Susan March 20, 2006