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The University of Colorado has great academics & research. It is ranked the 11th best public school in the world. CU has the hottest girls anywhere. Academics are rivaled only by the parties. The Hill is where everybody lives and parties. Pearl Street has upscale shopping, bars, and street performers. Too many Californians come here and think they own the place. Everybody gets high. Yuppie-Hippies. World class skiing. EVERYBODY is white (except for a few asians). Denver kicks ass and is only 20 minutes away. Bums everywhere, Norlin 420! Sunny 300+ days a year, The Flatirons, GDI Liberals, Decent Greek System, Nitro
Are you going to the University of Colorado football game?

Maybe, after I pack another bowl.
by John Walter Wayland May 07, 2008

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