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a) a dead joke
b) a joke which is absolutely not funny
c) a comment which turns a normal situation into an awkward situation

pronounced bar-neh-shh
Lame Joke creator: "You're so stupid that you failed your math test"

Other Person: BARNESH
#lame joke #loser #fag #gay #garbage
by John Merrymen May 18, 2010
Fine as Fuck,
when a girl is mad hot and there isn't any way to describe her, then she is FaF, fine as fuck.

The most classic way to use this term is when you see a girl that's fine as fuck and is down to fuck, well then you got a FAF girl DTF
Ex.1: Dude you saw that girl screaming in the club, man she FaF.

Ex.2: Yo, I'd totally do that broad for sure, she FaF.

Ex.3: Check this girl on facebook, she FaF.
#dtf faf faf #fine as fuck #sexy #hot #girl #ass #f&f #ugly as fuck #facebook
by John Merrymen July 14, 2011
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