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A president supported by the upper middle class or rich. He is also fervently supported by evangelical Christians who may not necessarily be wealthy. Many supporters hold the belief that any leader other than Bush or another Republican would have cowered after the worst attack ever on US soil. This belief has no factual basis. FDR – a democrat, responded after Pearl Harbor, JFK – a democrat, responded after Soviet efforts to place nuclear missiles in Cuba, et cetera.

Policies are based off ideology rather than facts. Ideology comes first then evidence is sought to support these theories.

Many consider GWB to be the most adept in propaganda since Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Germany, although not a Nazi himself. Examples include the following:

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment in this area was convincing a majority of Americans that Iraq was involved in or perpetrated the attacks on 9/11. After failure to find WMD’s in Iraq Bush was able to convince Americans that humanitarian reasons were, in fact, the main reason for invasion. This tends to run counter to his claim in 2000 that he did not believe in nation building. This also ignores the fact that many nations including Russia, France, and the United States were able to break free of their own will from oppressive dictatorships. He was also able to convince Americans that terrorism exists due to blind hatred of democracy and western culture, not policies of the West. Generally terrorists (such as Al Qaeda) site the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and western occupation of Arab lands as reasons for their acts, not hatred of “freedom”.

In terms of domestic policy, Bush supports large and small businesses with the theory that in time benefits will trickle down to lower income citizens. So far this has led to a booming stock market, but little job growth due to outsourcing and higher productivity.
Bush Voter #1: Bush sure has made the economy great! Any day now I'll be able to find a job, I just know it. Just look at the stock market!

Bush Voter #2: Good thing Gore isn't in power. Saddam and Osama Bin Laden would have taken over our country by now!

Bush Voter #3: God bless George Bush, he would never cheat on his wife like Bill Clinton!

Bush Voter #4: Hey Bush isn't a Democrat right? Oh good, I'll vote for him then!
by John McCain March 21, 2004

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