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A 'princess breaker' needs to be used on select princess' of the world. Since they are so spoiled, pampered and out of touch, a sense of humility (via degradation) needs to be bestowed upon them. I suggest the following:
1) Do her doggy style
2) Slip out and move to rough anal sex
3) Whip it out and ask her to suck it (ATM)
4) Blow your load in her face
*5) Optional (only for those REAL bitches) is to augment Step 4 with a Strawberry Shortcake.

Can you imagine anything better to put a princess in her place?
Jim: "Last night I found this Jewish girl - WOW, she is so spoiled, but she is pretty dirty in the sake. It is going to cost me to be with her though...
John: "You know what, you need to do a Princess Breaker - then she if she wants you to spend any money on her"
Jim: "Fuck it, why not - sounds like fun"
by John Jim April 06, 2006
Inspired by a Canadian princess and used to describe when a man totally conquers a high-maintenance women by means of 'tearing her ass up'. A Hogan is a great looking women, out of the league of most men, who uses her wit and sexuality to hold the feelings (and cocks!) of men hostage. Never really giving up too much (physically), but teases constantly...Getting Hoganed is tantamount to schadenfreude for those men who have been played by this type of woman.
Jim: So I heard you went out with Carol last night, she is such a bitch...and so high-maintenance...what are you doing?!?
John: Yeah, but she is so hot...and what an ass!
Jim: That's true...
John: Guess what - I totally Hoganed her last night...it was awesome!
Jim: No way man! Well done...Congrats.
by John Jim March 30, 2006

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