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2 definitions by John Hoffman

1. An obvious lie
2. A game, in which at least 3 players, pref. 4 or more participate. Each player is dealt as close to the same amount of the deck as possible. The players then take turns laying one or more cards of the same rank down. The rank increases as the play goes around. For example, 4 players are playing. Player 1 lays down 2 Aces, player 2 lays down 3 twos, player 3 lays down 1 three. Player two, however, believes player 3 had no threes, and calls out "bullshit". Player 3, in fact, had not laid down a three, but a king. Player 3 must pick up the cards laid down thus far. Had player two been wrong, he would have had to pick those cards up. Player four then lays down 2 fours, and the play continues until every player but one is rid of their cards. The first out wins, second is second place, etc.
1. "So then I met Bill Gates and he gave me 2 billion dollars..."
2. "I'm bored. Wanna play BS?"
"Sure, why not?"
by John Hoffman February 25, 2005
A game in which two players receive 26 cards and keeps them in their hand, face down, in a stack. The players then take the top four and lay them down, one by one, face up in front of them, near the other person's cards. Each player then tries to quickly place cards from their stack on top of pairs in the eight cards. If no pairs can be found, each player takes the four cards they laid down, in addition to any cards laid on top of them, and place them on the bottom of their deck. It is then repeated until one player runs out of cards, slaps the table, and declares "Speed!"
"Dude! I so won that game of California Speed!"
"Dude! You, like, TOTALLY didn't say 'speed' when you ran out 20 pairs ago!"
by John Hoffman February 25, 2005