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A piece of poop from the main poop that clings to the inside cheek and refuses to fall into the toilet. Failure to knock off the chad with profuse shaking of the buttox can result in the person to have to "wipe down" the chad causing a hell of a wiping session.
Jim tried to push out that extra dookie but failed, resulting in a nasty hanging chad that he couldn't knock loose.
by John Hasselman August 12, 2007
A term to describe a balding guy. It is based on the Hamilton-Norwood scale of baldness. (1-7 1 slight temple recession and 7 being completely bald) Normally guys will try to comb it over when it gets to a 3 where you develope a "hair island" in the front of the head. At that point only complete losers or those in denial sport the noticeable norwood. These people refuse to shave it off and develope the complete hair "horseshoe" look and look like 45 year old investment bankers.
Man that guy is sporting a pretty bad norwood. He should just shave it all off.
by John Hasselman August 12, 2007

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