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When a female is passed out at an event or recreation, a male will come and makeout with the unaware victim, which the victim will proceed to react violently after awakening.
"I pulled a Timkolesar on Gwen last night, she kicked me out of the room".
by John Ganter January 27, 2009
Gamma Rays, emit off Cubans during the first 5 years of coming off of their raft during strenuous, aquatic travel. Studies have shown Cuban Radiation is the number one casual relation to Heart Cancer.
"Erod's mom is about to die, I heard it was from his own Cuban Radiation, poor thing."
by John Ganter January 27, 2009
A male, preferably Cuban, that tends to complain about specific, stressful situations. Often very annoying to the ear, "Erods" have tendencies to pick fights then back out of them with an unexplainable, or casual, injury. "Erods" travel alone or within groups of females called "Erodas". Because Erods emit a large amount of Cuban Radiation (see Cuban Radiation), the Erodas tend to get fatal Heart Cancer while accompanying them.
"You're such an Erod."

"Go back to Cuba Erod."

"Erod bailed on hell week because he injured his ankle and said his mom has heart cancer."
by John Ganter January 27, 2009

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