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The most vial movie on the web. It is one of the notorious evil four (eel girl, tub girl, goatse, and lemon party). It is a shock image that entrances you and you can't look away, no matter how disgusting it. The movie is of two Asian chicks (decent looking too!), who we will refer to as the "taker" and the other as the "eater". The "taker" has a funnel full of eels about as long as your middle finger, and sticks it in the girls pussy, then the "eater" shakes the funnel till all the eels are inside "the taker", who then precedes to quiff the eels out and the "eater" then catches the eels and eats them.
Sick right? Well send your friends to it
www.encyclopediadramatica.com /index.php/Eel_girl
Eel Girl is nasty as hell, but go to the link about to view it
by John Doen September 26, 2006
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