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Do you

-Support facism?
-Smoke weed?
-Deal narcotics?
-Use "hanging with your bras" as a guise for your homosexuality?
-Have a white supremacist family?
-Have a growing interest in occultism?
-Deliberately fail classes in order to stay back in hopes to score with girls half your age?
-Binge eat after vigorous exercise?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the following questions, congratulations! Consider yourself eligible to join your high school's swim team. Swim team is home to all the lowlifes, assclowns, and bullies that fill the hallways at your school. Swim team gives pompous shitheads the oppurtunity to puff off in the locker room, shit on freshman, and listen to frat rap groups at no expense. So what are you waiting for? Join swim team today!
Ross: Sup, bro? Ready to go to swim team practice and torment the freshmen to the point of suicide?
Phil: Sure, dude. Freshmen have the cutest dicks, anyway.
by John Cushing January 22, 2009

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