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A "Hipster" is a person who insists on having an opinion outside of what is actual. They like to define things that do not need an exact definition, like why Kings of Leon or U2 are popular. They hate being called "Hipster" and will deny they are hipster. They wear often wear a scarf with a jacket and hat, even when it is not cold enough to wear them. They often listen to music too loud and too inappropriate for the situation. They like going to local concerts to watch really bad bands play extremely long songs which really suck. They often listen to Mars Volta and other bands that suck. They will often watch independent movies and claim that they are the "best movies ever" and especially like Donnie Darko and other works by Richard Kelly. They are often confused culturally and like to associate themselves with things they do not actually belong to. They also ask you to turn down your volume, so that they can hear without interference.
Donnie Darko Fans, Mars Volta Fans, Guys who can't grow beards but insist that they have good ones, People who drink one beer and then act drunk the rest of the night, People who leave music on intentionally while they are not around to hear it, Anti-American Americans, Hipsters like to use really big words that do not fit, and like to put credit where it is not due, Hipsters will say things like "Spielbergian" or "Michael Bayesque" instead of "Good Movie" or "Good special effects"
by John Archer December 12, 2009

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