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100 definitions by John Smith

Sex in high Tempratures with Monkeys and Dil-do's
Bob and The Monkey had Hot Monkey Sex
by John Smith May 02, 2003
140 148
1.to be fucked over by valve software

2.a substitute for the common "pwned" expression when playing video games online
1.Invalid steam userID ticket? I've been STEAMED!

2.I STEAMED yo ass biatch!
by John Smith March 04, 2004
33 41
This is comparable to the M1A2It has the 120mm M256 cannon, improved fire control system, and NBC overpressure system, and improved suspension. These improvements give the M1A1 greater shoot-on-the move capabilities and an increased first round probability against advanced enemy armor. It also has a crew of 4 and 3 7.62mm M240 anti-personnel machine guns mounted on it.
35 M1 tanks were destroyed by Iraqi fire during Operation Desert Storm.
by John Smith February 14, 2004
8 17
You are so cool. Sms. language. Used to tell someone to tell them that they are cool.
Often used as a sarcastic fraise.
hi clark. u r so ql.
by John Smith August 17, 2003
15 24
To move, esp. fingers
Woah, Francie fings her index so incessantly, I wonder when her finger will become weary.
by John Smith July 11, 2003
2 11
openly camp homosexual
people who act like queers off of 60's tv
by John Smith March 27, 2003
4 14
a really large pile of crap
"hey i have to go take a turnmire"
by john smith March 21, 2005
10 21