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(Noun and Verb) Describes a person of group of people who have good social worth and an active life in an urban environment. The kinds of people who are on the scene, party, are with the current flow of culture and urban pace. This is not to be confused with those who just follow trends and tag along- Urban Kinetic people are more in a leadership role and very active in making the trend. Someone who sets a tone or theme as opposed to one who would just copy or adopt it.
I heard this label also used for in a negative context as well- Those people who are over reactive and energetic in an insecure and twitchy or spastic way. People who are wired for no reason and the effect they cause others in others due to that.

At worst the Urban Kinetic types try to make the scene into some awkward teenage high-school clique setting or snobby country club mood in what ever place its happening. In the best form these are the kind of people who are fun and make groups and others feel more coherent and bring stylish energy into the activities.
Urban Kinetic Examples:

Bad Types: Late adopters of trends and fashions who think they are original, Fake Pimps and Fake Players/Pick up Artists, People who lack social skill and pacing and copy the identities of others, Rude/ Nervous for no reason people on the Club scene

Positive Types: People oriented Club Promoters and Djs, Hot chicks who have been friends as a group of a long time, Artists who are comfortable expressing creativity in many settings, bisexual girls, Guys who have been through peak experiences together and click well as a unit, Musicians of different types, The positive list goes on and on…
by JoeyPete July 11, 2006

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