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The effect of light reflecting through or off of something like a prism.
Disco balls have awesome prismation.
by Joey Kahuna November 18, 2009
(noun) Something that looks impossible, but is not physically impossible.
The tilted pop can trick is a vazum.

Dude, you can do it, it's just a vazum!
by Joey Kahuna November 24, 2009
(noun) The opposite of gravity.
Tucoz allowed one glass to hover above the other.

Tucoz is your friend; gravity, your enemy.
by Joey Kahuna November 24, 2009
(noun) The instance of feeling cold water when one first steps into a warm shower.
I get into the shower as quickly as possible so I don't have to feel the ithableck.


The ithableck is what wakes me up every morning.
by Joey Kahuna October 08, 2009
The tendency of someone or something. The behaviors of someone or something.
He was shocked by the splites of modern humanity.
(He was shocked by the ways of modern humanity.)

Your splites are unjust.
(Your tendencies are unjust.)
by Joey Kahuna October 14, 2009
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