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A slut and/or hoe. A female you use up like a battery.
- Battrees in the matrees!
by Joey Gaskell January 05, 2008
The act of putting your purple headed yogurt slinger into a girl's wizard sleeve.
Let's go splooge some sloots!

Friend:Were you splooging her last night?
Me: I took her upstairs and drove the big ol' skin bus into tuna town. BURR
by Joey Gaskell January 07, 2012
Another word to say Big ten.
I only got 5 bucks for tonight, i guess im drinking Big bunk..

I'm depping now, want me to buy you a Big bunk?

Quick, finish your big bunk and let's get out of here..
by Joey Gaskell February 01, 2008
Making out with a sexual partner instantly or briefly after giving her a Dirty Sanchez.
"Did you do anything dirt nasty with your girlfriend last night?"

"Let's just say.. I'm a mexican gentleman."
by Joey Gaskell January 13, 2012

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