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The muscle that smartass guys talk loudly about when trying to sound cool around hot females, or when trying to confuse new people, gymrats, and meatheads.

Located opposite the flactoid and directly below the posterior adenoids.
Smartass1: Yeah, my hamdelts are friggin' pumped right now.
Smartass2: Dude, turn around and let me check 'em out. Wow, they look beefy, and your flactoids are totally ripped.
Smartass1: I'm about to hit my posterior adenoids, can you spot me?

Meathead: Hey man, what will make me look BIG?
Smartass: Just go over there and go heavy on the hamdelt machine.
Meathead: oh...umm, ok?
Smartass: Just ask that trainer which machine works the hamdelts best.
by Joey Calzone March 15, 2007

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