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A Silvia is a clever person. She's known to be very attractive, generous and friendly. Her beauty is only surpassed by her gentle and radiant character.
You should feel priviliged to have a Silvia in your presence.
Silvia, you're just grrrrreat!
by Joeri VM December 27, 2007
Named after the first man in space. Needless to say this masculin specimen will take you to the stars in bed. Joeri is a beast in the sack and will show you every celestial body in the universe. His physique is extraordinary and his stamine unmatched. All the men envy this badboy.
Did you hear? She's dating a Joeri! She's soOo lucky!

Once you go Joeri, you never go "insert other male name here"
by Joeri VM December 27, 2007

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