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A true challenge indeed. Over the span of 3 months, consume nothing but Taco Bell, and Diet Soda. No other beverage or food is allowed. This includes alcohol, as alcohol may help to ease the pain of this process. If the challenger dies anytime during the 3 months, challenge is over, and deemed a failure. Any lapse resulting in a coma will also end the challenge, and the challenge must begin again from day 1 should the challenger decide to resume, but only after challenger comes out of said coma.

It is said that completion of this challenge can lead to excessive weight loss. This is, however, a myth.
Bill -- "Hey man, did you see that weird cloud over by Jim's house?"
Roger -- "Yeah, Jim is taking the Taco Bell Challenge, he just finished month 2, it's starting to get scary"
by Joel Spangler January 06, 2006

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