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Carmel High School is a public high school in Carmel, Indiana. It has an enrollment of over four thousand students making it one of the largest high schools in the state, also making it the largest collection semi rich, very snobby, and immature children in the state. Also, it is full of Paris Hilton wannabes who drive huge cars and listen to rap music when they clearly shouldn't. It's a good bet that if you attended or currently attend this high school, you think your shit doesn’t stink and talk shit about other schools your not better than. Some alumni are Ted Allen - member of the Fab Five on Queer Eye and Josh McRobert - forward for the Duke Blue Devils basketball team, 2005-2007,currently with the Indiana Pacers who is clearly a bust. All in all Carmel High School Sucks!
Carmel High School lost to Warren Central...Again!

by Joel McKinney and Rich Shepler March 17, 2009

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