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The pre-drinking before heading out to a bar, or other event where overpriced liquor is the norm. "Pre-flight" enables said users to get liquored up before the event - so as not to spend as much money later on at the bar. Term used mainly by Marines, but other military types as well.
"Hey Smith, what's up for tonight?!" "Gate 2 man, but before we go, we're gonna pre flight here."
by JoeSchmoeMarine February 06, 2008
A phrase used to describe some misleading information given to a person. The misleading information, or "the scoop," may, or may have not been intentionately misleading.
Johnny: "Hey Vinny, where you at?!" Vinny: "I'm uptown, uptown!" Johnny: "Tommy said you'd be downtown?!" Vinny: "I guess he gave you the bum scoop, huh?" Johnny: "Ahhhh, fugetaboutit!"
by JoeSchmoeMarine February 09, 2008

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