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1 definition by JoeFro Van Clockenstein

<kee rowh lah time>

The act of being late or extremely late to the effect of always being in a hurry or in a rush.

There is fashionably late, and there is quirola time.
- just this past sunday there was a boat party on the lake... my comrades did not make it on the boat. It was scheduled to leave at 1, they left the house at 1 because they were on quirola time

- today I got pulled over for speeding... the cop asked if I was late getting somewhere. I said nope I'm on time... quirola time!

- my friend recently went to a wedding. They arrived, sat down and the ceremony finished 5 mins later. When asked what happened? they replied 'quirola time'

- I was on the way to work, when I decided to detour and return some merchandise to a store on the way. My boss asked why I was late. I replied 'late? im on time... quirola time!!'

by JoeFro Van Clockenstein November 02, 2009
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