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A convivial gesture made in the final moments of a meal as a statement that the fellowship on that day be forever remembered, and as a fervent expression of gratitude for the company present. A male, usually the host, will lay his penis on the unfinished portion of rice in the plate of the nearest female.
Tony got so drunk and emotional at our annual Sunday school luncheon that he felt it necessary to slap cock to the rice.
by Joe from Brooklyn March 09, 2008
An expression in the class of throatcore used by a man during oral sex of a violent nature where the woman's head is no longer in motion, but is stationed by the man's hands as he gives sharp, deep pelvic thrusts into her mouth and throat regardless of whether or not she is able to adapt her throat to the depth of the thrusts and regardless of whether or not she is enjoying it. In a less aggressive scenario of this nature a woman might gag, but during fellatio of this caliber of violence she is apt to regurgitate entirely. Hence the man, upon sensing that moment, might commonly utter the expression "get ready to vomit."
"Yeah, bitch, get ready to vomit!"
by Joe from Brooklyn March 08, 2008

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