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Dopest mothafucker that ever lived, underground rapper that spits his opinion and is unafraid of ingnorant bigots.
Immortal Technique disintegrates mics when i spit, I cause more casualties than sunken slave ships.
by Joe Zeisel June 21, 2004
being of poor quality or sketchy origin.
That eyler character is shotty.
That was a shotty attempt at fixing the computer.
The president is doing a shotty job.
by Joe Zeisel June 21, 2004
Girl that is awesome and very nice and funny at the same time. Short for sherin no relation to Sherin Zarghouni. Joe Zeisel thinks she is cool.
Shren talked to me on msn and made me happy.
Shren is cool.
by Joe Zeisel June 21, 2004
Fair haired White boy from the upper northwest. Usually a pussy and has no backbone. Founder of wanken.com
Don't be a pussy, don't eyler hit me.
by Joe Zeisel June 21, 2004
name of a person that is a vegetarian tree hugger wannabe crip son of a bitch. Usually walks with a limp or has a gimp arm. Has plenty of time and very little money consequently.
That alder fucked up that shit.
Alder did it again.
by Joe Zeisel June 21, 2004
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