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1 definition by Joe You Ask Too Many Questions

1. The people who crack and release games, movies, music, and software. The Scene is broken into groups and has guidelines for releases. It looks down upon it's releases being shared with people outside of the scene. Releases all follow a similar format:


2. People who dress up in mostly black clothes and dye their hair multiple colors.

3. A magazine at Warez-BB. Actually titled theSCENE.
1. The Scene: RELOADED (games), Razor1911 (games), SKIDROW (games), DEFiANCE (movies), NoTV (TV Shows), LOL (TV Shows), VoMiT (movies), DoNE (movies), CTU (720p TV), ViTALiTY (games), plus many more

aXXo is not in the fucking scene. He/She/It doesn't include an nfo or follow standards.

2. Scene Chicks

3. Google it
by Joe You Ask Too Many Questions August 10, 2009