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4 definitions by Joe Wilson

an ignorant, backwoods, dim-witted, slow-thinking, muddle-headed, addle-brained, limp-dick, dumb-ass cocksucker.
E.B. Farnum is a hoopelhead.
by Joe Wilson April 18, 2005
The freshest crew to hit the streets of Ithaca NY...ever. AKA-Big 7
Kaya Da Snowman, Lil' A, Apeman, Slitt, Rabbit, Z-Nasty, G-Miller
by Joe Wilson November 21, 2004
when a guy takes his 4 inch dick and puts it in between his forearm and bicept and flexes his huge muscles and repeats loudly disco bicuits until he reaches his climaxe and bustes all over his arm
i herd paul was schrum lovin last night
by joe wilson February 25, 2005
1. A poster nobody cares about who enjoys posting definitions of himself on the Internet, then claiming "it wasn't me".

2. An insult used towards rubbish posters on wrestling boards.
1. Why is this thread so crap? Oh, Screw Flanders started it.

2. "This thread is Screw Flanders-bad."
by Joe Wilson November 27, 2003