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A knish of many colors. It is rumored that Adolf Hitler mentioned a psychedelic knish in many of his speeches.
Ich hasse jüdische leute und es ist psychedelic knish notwendig geworden, alle zu ermorden.
#psychedelic #knish #adlof #hitler #pastry
by Joe V November 30, 2006
Any idea (noun) that has the potential to cause at least mild inconvenience.
The traffic on 84 is the death-rips.

That machine gun nest firing at us is the death-rips.
#death-rip #death-rips #death #rip #rips
by Joe V November 03, 2006
Any noun (idea). Can replace any person, place, or thing in a sentence. Short for constabulator.
I went to the constab yesterday and ordered some constabs.
#killer #constab #constabs #constabulator #constabulators
by Joe V November 02, 2006
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