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A girl who is exclusively after a free meal or an expensive gift. She actively seeks out dates with well-off men who will wine and dine her at upscale restaurants. She is usually physically attractive enough to make the man fall for her feminine wiles. She will rarely have sex with these men, until they spend a certain number of dollars on her. Nobody knows exactly what that number is, so the man keeps spending and spending, while the dinner whore keeps living it up.
As a mere graduate student living on a stipend, it is impossible to find a date in New York, as it is saturated with dinner whores.
by Joe Shizzle February 19, 2005
Pronunciation of "man" in Bay Area (California) slang, made popular by rappers like E-40 and Too $hort.
"It's the Bay, mane,
No other way, mane."
by Joe Shizzle April 14, 2005
Extremely beautiful. Used almost exclusively in written form.
Dude, Jessica Alba is teh hawt.
by Joe Shizzle November 07, 2005
Victims of one of Zapp Brannigan's most brilliant tactical maneuvers. Killbots have a preset kill limit, so Zapp sent wave after wave of his own men at them until they shut down. A grim day for robotkind.
"But hey, we can always build more Killbots!"
by Joe Shizzle May 04, 2004
Drink of choice of Bay Area rap icon E-40. Here go the recipe, in his own words: "151 Bacardi Dark, Bacardi Light, Triple Sec, Grenadine, pineapple juice, and an empty container of Arrowhead water. Put it all in one and you got some good shit." I assume a Poland Spring bottle will also suffice for those of us on the East Coast.
"If you ain't got your Hurricane Ethel, you best go fetch it ASAP."
by Joe Shizzle September 16, 2004
a modifier to place emphasis on a certain observation about a person, usually oneself
"Jean Claude van DAMME, I'm good-looking!"
by Joe Shizzle October 19, 2003
The hypothetical curse that befell the Yankees as soon as they signed Alex Rodriguez, sending their payroll to over $200 mil. Their All-Star 1st baseman suffered from steroid withdrawal and maybe a pituitary tumor. Roger Clemens had a dominant year in Houston. Bernie became the worst defensive CF in the league. And then, the 2004 ALCS, the biggest choke job in sports history, in which Mariano became mortal and A-Rod showed his cheating whiny bitch glove-slapping soul to the world.
"Fate had to intervene for the Sox to win. It was the Curse of the A-Rod."
by Joe Shizzle January 23, 2005

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