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3 definitions by Joe Physics

An over sized button used in the user interface of a software application. Although rising in popularity as monitor resolutions increase, some purists see them as a decadent waste of screen real estate and yearn for the simpler and more cerebral era of keyboard short-cuts and drop-down menus.
Yo dude! What's with the money buttons? I just want to pound my alt-key.
by Joe Physics June 18, 2004
1. Full of empty or pretentious language; bombastic.
2. Unduly enlarged or aggrandized; inflated
The attempt to expound on his balloois ethos made his argument appear spurious.
by Joe Physics June 18, 2004
A pretense in presenting something as adequate simply because it has implied qualities that are meant to compensate for its obvious inadequacy.
This nouvelle cuisine crap is balloonis, just give me a double burger and a big gulp.
by Joe Physics July 29, 2004